Enertia Eco (16 x 18") Mercury LH Propeller, 48-8M0151252

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Enertia Eco

3-Blade Stainless Steel

The Enertia Eco propeller was created with an innovative design specifically to provide optimal fuel economy and performance at cruising speed – the engine rpm range where boaters spend most of their time. It features a broad 16-inch diameter design, with an extra-large blade area and a high progressive rake for increased bow lift.

Compared with some popular propellers used for similar applications, the Enertia Eco prop can provide up to a 10% improvement in fuel economy at cruise and significant improvements across the rpm range. It’s built with proprietary Mercury X7 Alloy, which is 30% stronger and four times more durable than conventional stainless steel.

Performance Vent System

By swapping plugs in the PVS® holes on the prop, you can quickly custom tune performance, dialing in engine rpm to improve your boat’s hole shot.

More Efficiency. More Range. More Fun.

Mercury engineered the Enertia ECO prop to squeeze every last mpg out of high-horsepower engines. Its extra blade area and aggressive design efficiently transfer power to the water at cruising speeds, reducing fuel burn in the rpm range where boaters operate most of the time.

Fuel Economy and Performance

In Mercury testing, the Enertia Eco improved fuel economy by more than 10%. That adds up to valuable savings over the course of a full boating season.

Product specification

Be sure to select the correct hub kit for your application. If you have any questions about which hub kit you need to use please message us with the Year/Make/Model of your motor.


Mercury Enertia Eco


Stainless Steel (X7 Alloy)

Boat Types

Deckboat, Inshore Fishing, Offshore Fishing, Cruiser, Bay Boat


Flo-Torq Hub Kit sold separately

Will This Propeller Fit My Engine?

Propeller Fitment

With the interchangeable Flo-Torq hub kit the Enertia Eco propeller will fit a variety of makes and models, outboards and sterndrives.

Use our detailed fitment information to verify which hub kit you need to adapt the propeller to your application.

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Enertia Eco

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