SpitFire (9.3 x 9.5") Mercury RH Propeller, 48-8M8026650

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Propeller Hub

Pressed-in Flo-Torq rubber hub with 10-tooth spline.

Please verify fitment by checking the "Fitment" section below or by calling/messaging us.


4-Blade Aluminum

The Mercury SpitFire is the world's first performance 4-blade aluminum propeller. Thanks to the most aggressive geometry of any aluminum prop in its class, the SpitFire delivers exceptional overall performance, including high top speeds, confident control in turns and 16 to 25% faster acceleration than a comparable three-blade prop.

Zero Compromises

The SpitFire test at 16-25% faster acceleration than a comparable three-blade prop, all while maintaining similar top-end speeds.

Pressed Rubber Hub

Propeller features a pressed-in Flo-Torq rubber hub with a 10-tooth spline.

No Ordinary Aluminum. No Ordinary Prop.

Mercury leaves nothing up to chance when casting SpitFire propellers. Made from patented Mercalloy® material, which is designed specifically for the casting process to produce props that are tough, yet ductile enough to handle minor impacts.

Product specification

Be sure to select the correct hub kit for your application. If you have any questions about which hub kit you need to use please message us with the Year/Make/Modle of your motor.


Mercury SpitFire



Boat Types

Aluminum, Aluminum Mod-V, Bowrider, Center Console, Cruiser, Deckboat, Deep V Multi-Species, Dual Console, Fish-n-Ski, Inflatable, Inshore Fishing, Off-Shore Fishing, Pontoon, Runabout, Ski, Skiff, Sportboat / Performance-Boat, Walkaround, Walleye/Multi Fish, Workboat


Pressed-in Flo-Torq Rubber Hub (10-Tooth Spline)

Will This Propeller Fit My Engine?

Propeller Fitment

This propeller features a pressed-in Flo-Torq rubber hub with a 10-tooth spline designed to fit specific outboards.

Please use the detailed fitment information provided to verify that this propeller will fit your application.

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